Why Event Venue Decisions Are Brand Decisions

There are so many things that could go wrong at an event.

The food could be bland. The wine could run out. The P.A. system could be missing in action.

An events planner will check for a multitude of critical elements ahead of time to make sure the worst can’t happen – because they understand how your brand can be affected when something goes wrong.

Many elements of events and conference management are obvious – like sublime food, top-tier entertainment, flawless registration and communications. You want all of these to represent who you are and what you stand for.

Often, however, we forget about the subtler brand touches. We forget to consider some of the elements that aren’t on anyone’s checklist, but might still have a significant impact on your choice of event partner.

This has been especially pertinent in recent years as we’ve seen a strong shift toward brand and business accountability. As the hot water rises around a business or an individual, we’ve increasingly seen sponsors and shareholders distance themselves both to avoid the fallout and to take a public stand. Essentially, there’s a sizable push for organisations to separate their brand from any other brand or individual whose actions don’t pass the ‘pub test’.

When it comes to events, your choice of venue partner is highly visible. You promote your venue pre-event, on the event day and after the event, so often the venue logo sits right beside your own. The association is clear, and that’s why it’s more important than ever to align your business with a venue that will truly reflect your brand and represent it well.

At PCEC, we offer event organisers a blank canvas for big thinking. We also help our clients’ big thinking by working with several trusted event partners to ensure the success of events.

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