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Welcome to the future of event technology at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre!

Welcome to the future of event technology at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre!

We are thrilled to announce a major technological upgrade that underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences for the 800,000 visitors who attend our 600 events each year.

Our Technology

Cutting-Edge Wireless Connectivity with HPE Aruba Networking

In a strategic move, PCEC has chosen HPE Aruba Networking to revolutionize our wireless connectivity. Recognizing the importance of staying ahead in the competitive event hosting landscape, we’ve embraced state-of-the-art Wi-Fi 6E technology.

This upgrade ensures a seamless and robust wireless experience for our event partners and attendees.

key features:

The deployment includes HPE Aruba User Experience Insight (UPCECI) sensors, HPE Aruba Networking Central, and HPE Aruba Networking ClearPass for monitoring, management, and enhanced security.

Carlos Gomez Gallego, CTO at HPE Aruba Networking Asia-Pacific & Japan, expresses pride in being the chosen technology partner for PCEC.

Unveiling the Largest LED Screen in Perth

But our technological transformation doesn’t stop there!

In collaboration with AVPartners, we are set to redefine live event experiences in Perth with the introduction of an impressive 20m x 5m LED screen in the renowned Riverside Theatre. This installation proudly stands as the largest LED screen within an event space in Perth.

key features of the LED screen:

Our Technology

Future-Ready Events

This technological upgrade aligns with PCEC’s commitment to delivering outstanding experiences and staying at the forefront of technology in the convention industry. We anticipate that this investment will significantly contribute to our success in securing and hosting future high-profile events.

At PCEC, we’re not just hosting events; we’re shaping the future of event experiences in Perth. Join us on this exciting journey into the next era of technology-enhanced live events!

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