Welcome to the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Western Australia’s only dedicated convention and exhibition facility. PCEC is privately owned and is operated exclusively by Spotless, a leading provider of integrated venue services.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and is positioned as the western cultural hub of the world’s most populous region – connecting Australia to Asia and the Indian Ocean rim. Western Australia’s mineral wealth and medical and industrial research expertise make it a destination of global strategic significance.

Convention centres are more than just buildings. They are destinations to which people are drawn to connect, experience and celebrate life. In this way convention centres may be considered economic drivers: generating positive social, developmental and financial outcomes that enrich communities and serve the advancement of knowledge, information and ideas.

Through the innovative fusion of space, catering, technology and design, PCEC provides an unequalled range of meeting possibilities optimally suited to promoting positive interactions between business, industry and community.

With an estimated 900,000 people attending one (or more) of the 600 plus events conducted at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre each year, it’s no surprise PCEC is Perth’s premier business event destination.

Purpose and Values

Our purpose is to provide a place of connection to serve both our clients’ and our community’s needs: connecting people and connecting Perth to Western Australia, Australia and the World. We serve our purpose by pursuing event excellence through the superior delivery of event space, catering and venue services.

Guiding us in the delivery of these services, we adhere to specific values in all that we do; and we are committed to:

  • Building and maintaining a positive working environment.
  • Acting ethically in our dealings with all parties and the environment.
  • Developing skills to enhance the value of our organisation to individuals and the community.
  • Complying with all laws and regulations related to our activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre recognises the importance of sustainability of our environment and supporting our community. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and making a positive contribution to our local community.

In May 2008, PCEC was proud to receive EarthCheck Benchmarking (formerly Green Globe) in recognition of the Centre’s commitment to the environment.

EarthCheck is recognised as the world’s largest environmental benchmarking, certification and management solution designed specifically for sustainable travel and tourism businesses to validate their carbon claims and guide their sustainability initiatives. PCEC surpassed expectation in many of the selection criteria and is working on continual improvement in all areas of environmental conservation at the Centre.

“We are very happy to receive the EarthCheck endorsement; our venue’s impact on the environment is something that we must all be aware of, both as an organisation and individuals. We support the idea that every contribution to the wellbeing of the environment is valuable –no matter what size. It is all about our ongoing commitment to minimise impact and positive change.” – Nigel Keen, General Manager.

EarthCheck is now trusted by more than 1,000 organisations in over 60 countries and provides a means to independently calculate Scopes One, Two and Three emissions and improve operational efficiencies. Importantly, EarthCheck reports are verified by an international network of independent auditors.

EarthCheck has a set of stringent benchmarks which organisations are measured prior to receiving accreditation. The accreditation looks at a range of areas including sustainability policies, water and energy consumption, recycling and chemical usage.


Since opening in 2004, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre has been the official ‘Home of Telethon’ providing over $200,000 of complimentary venue hire, each year, in support of this remarkable event.

Telethon is a registered children’s charitable trust dedicated to raising funds to improve the lives of children throughout Western Australia. Starting in 1968, Telethon has raised over $200 million to provide much needed assistance to charities, children’s hospitals and medical research facilities in Western Australia.

The Telethon Weekend is a live 25-hour television appeal broadcasted throughout Western Australia from the Centre’s Riverside Theatre each year. Across the Telethon weekend, the Centre also hosts the Kids’ Carnival held in the Exhibition Pavilions and the Lexus of Perth Ball, in association with Telethon, held in the BelleVue Ballroom.

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