Running with Thieves Partnership

PCEC announces new partnership with Running with Thieves

Food has an important role in creating exceptional experiences at any event and is often one of the most memorable components your guests will talk about, long after they’ve gone home.

At the heart of our culinary offering is “Feeding Your Performance” with menus designed to fuel the body and mind of delegates and guests, all whilst supporting local businesses and WA growers. With such a diverse range of exciting produce hailing from Western Australia, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to quality. “We celebrate the finest produce of the state through our menus and are passionate about promoting local supply chains and supporting regional communities that offer world class produce.” says Nigel Keen, General Manager PCEC.

To reinforce this philosophy, PCEC has introduced a revamped beverage menu to include new wine packages from the Great Southern and Margret River regions. To complement our offering, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with Running with Thieves (RWT) as PCEC’s new beer supplier. RWT are an independent locally owned business from South Fremantle, with a passion for producing premium quality goods. The majority of everything they produce is sourced locally and made by hand in their brewery and distillery opposite Fremantle’s iconic South Beach.

“The ingredients are as fresh as possible when they go into the beer because they haven’t had to travel far, making local beer, better beer, with a local flavour.” says Andrew Mann, Director of Food and Beverage PCEC.

Embracing the RWT creative freedom with seasonal products, PCEC has the opportunity to provide unique craft beers to elevate our events for clients and visitors. “We’re excited about our new partnership with Running with Thieves as PCEC are passionate about supporting local businesses and providing high quality, premium products to our clients” commented Andrew.

“The PCEC team, led by Nigel and Andrew, has an impressive vision to provide a premium offering and experience that sets a benchmark for exhibitions and events throughout Australia. We at Running with Thieves are thrilled to contribute to the realization of this vision.” comments Scott Douglas, Co-founder and Managing Director of Running with Thieves.

“By choosing to support a local producer like Running with Thieves, PCEC is not only supporting our team of 60 individuals but also indirectly backing a community of local suppliers, including WA farmers who supply our grain, to local producers of packaging and fresh produce.” continues Scott. “…we applaud their efforts for seeking out and driving this partnership and showcasing the value and talent of independent producers and artisans in Western Australia.”

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