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Site Inductions and Contractor Check-in

Inductions are valid for one (1) year from the completion date.

Dependent on the nature of work activity taking place, PCEC reserve the right to request additional supporting documentation to ensure safe work practices are adhered to.

Site Induction (Organisers, Exhibitors, Contractors and Sub Contractors)

PCEC is in the process of implementing a new online induction portal.

 In the interim, the process for site inductions is as follows; 

  • Step 1: Click this link to download our PCEC Site Induction.
  •  Step 2: Read through the PCEC induction.
  • Step 3: The last page of the induction has a declaration. This needs to be completed, signed, and dated, and can then be sent back to your Event Manager or The file name should be [First name, last name] PCEC Declaration.
  • Step 4: Print off a copy of the completed declaration or save it on your phone.
  • Step 5: Please have the completed declaration on hand to show to venue management or security if requested to on site.

Onsite Contractor Check-In

When a contractor/sub-contractor team is conducting work at PCEC, the Supervisor for your team is required to complete a simple questionnaire, confirming compliance with PCEC safety requirements. Compulsory check-in is required via a QR code located on each PCEC loading dock access point.

Rigging Services

AVPartners facilitates all primary rigging on behalf of the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

AVPartners will perform the installation of the primary rigging points, using AVPartners slings, shackles, girder clamps, etc. as required. AVPartners will perform the connection of lifting devices and secondary safety devices (as required) to the primary points as part of the primary rigging services.

Secondary rigging suppliers may provide their own lifting devices for AVPartners to install.

The following control measures apply for all lifting devices:

  • Where a double braked lifting device isn’t in use, a suitable secondary safety device must be used.
  • Load testing must be current for lifting devices and secondary safety devices, with an applicable tag affixed to the device. It’s strongly recommended that test logs are supplied for review prior to the rigging installation to avoid delays.
  • Any chain motors, controllers and associated cables supplied must be tested and tagged for electrical safety.

To obtain an estimate for primary rigging services, AVPartners require:

  • Rigging plan, showing point locations and weight loads
  • Move in and move out schedule

Unless otherwise indicated, the movement of chain blocks and/or motors, the bagging of chains and cleanup of motor cables remains the responsibility of the secondary rigging supplier.

AVPartners can supply, subject to availability, chain motors and blocks, at an additional charge.

Conditions of Entry
Exhibition Pavilion Conditions

Riverside Theatre Conditions

Admin Loading Dock Conditions

Risk Assessment and Permit Forms

Risk Assessment and Permit Forms

Client Risk Assessment
Contractor Risk Assessment

Any persons conducting work at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre are required to identify hazards for the work they are conducting and implement controls to mitigate the risk. While conducting work at PCEC our team will ask for a copy of your risk assessment to ensure the safety of others and your own safety. Information about risk management can be found through the OHSE SUBBYPACK on the department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website 

Any person conducting high risk work (Working at Height, Forklift, Electrical, Gas) are to provide a Safe Work Method Statement. Information about Safe Work Method Statements can be found on the.

Permit Forms

Hot work
Pyrotechnics Request
Request to Supply Forklift or EWP
Rules and Guidelines
  • Professional Behaviour – The team at PCEC acknowledge frustrations in the work environment however aggressive behaviour and any form of verbal or physical abuse to our employees, patrons or contractors will not be tolerated and may result in further action being taken.
  • Smoking – PCEC is a non-smoking venue which includes our loading dock and pavilion loading bays, there is a designated smoking area located in between the Riverside Theatre and Administration Loading Docks – we respectfully ask that you use the ashtrays that are provided and leave the area tidy for others to use.
  • Parking – There is no unauthorised parking permitted on the PCEC plaza or loading dock for any cars, trucks or vans. The Venue works on a load and unload system only however when this activity is complete, all vehicles must be removed from site and alternative parking arranged.
  • Use of Scissor Lifts in the BelleVue Ballroom – A reminder that it is a venue requirement that if scissor lifts are being operated within the level 3 BelleVue Ballroom, they must be driven on plywood boards to protect the carpet, failure to do so will result in work being ceased and/or costs on charged for damaged carpet tiles.
  • High Risk Activities – If you would like more information around conducting high risk activities on site, please visit our website and review the PCEC Event Manual for guidelines.
  • Cleaning – A reminder to please ensure that no item is affixed to PCEC’s walls, doors, glass, floors, etc. If this occurs, a removal, cleaning and/or resurfacing cost will be charged to the tenanted Client in the space.
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