BelleVue Ballrooms

Two foyer area

Floor to ceiling glass windows

Built-in bar facilities

Open-air balcony

Perth’s largest purpose-built venue for balls, gala dinners and cocktail function events.

A spacious foyer features floor-to-ceiling glass windows and an open-air balcony that provides a dramatic backdrop, with views of the Perth City and Swan River. In complemented by one of Australia’s largest permanently installed intelligent lighting systems. The Ballrooms contain operable walls that allow you to configure the space to suit your individual event requirements.

Located on level 3, the BelleVue Ballrooms are close to the BelleVue Lounge and directly above the Meeting Rooms. This provides easy access between the Ballroom, Meeting Rooms and the Riverside Theatre. Each Ballroom has its own foyer area, perfect to let your function spill out for pre-function drinks, event registration or a breakout area.

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  • BelleVue Ballroom 1

    Theatre: 1000
    Classroom: 680
    Cocktail: 690
    Banquet: 750
    Dinner dance: 670

  • BelleVue Ballroom 2

    Theatre: 700
    Classroom: 480 
    Cocktail: 500
    Banquet: 500
    Dinner dance: 450

  • Combined

    Theatre: 1700
    Classroom: 1150 
    Cocktail: 1195
    Banquet: 1390
    Dinner dance: 1220

  • Extended

    Theatre: 2200
    Classroom: 1530 
    Cocktail: 1515
    Banquet: 1760
    Dinner dance: 1560