PCEC Unveils Cutting-Edge Digital Presence with the Launch of Its Revamped Website, Marking a Milestone as the Venue approaches its 20th Year

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre is thrilled to announce the launch of our new digital home – www.pcec.com.au

Throughout 2023, PCEC celebrated many successes within our team – a Gold Plate Award and Catering Award for Culinary Excellence, and a Tourism Award for Excellence. It was time that our internal success and strength were reflected in an easy-to-navigate, functional and stylistic website that encapsulates the meaning of PCEC’s brand of hospitality – a mission for “creating moments’ for everyone who comes into contact with the venue.

PCEC’s new website, designed and developed in partnership with 3BY2, showcases a seamless user experience from start to finish – holding to the team’s belief in an exceptional guest experience no matter the touchpoint. Much like the building itself, the new website boasts easy navigation, captivating presentation, functional interaction and a demonstration of expertise. PCEC’s Business Improvement and Marketing Manager, Liz De Prose, is proud of the new website, “Our website isn’t just a platform; it’s a journey now redesigned for easier navigation and enriched user experiences. It’s more than a refresh; it’s a reflection of our evolution – to elevate our brand and better engage our audience.”

Our new website brings PCEC’s digital experience in line with the experience we deliver in person, offering a suite of tools to ensure event organisers, exhibitors, and visitors are well-informed and empowered to bring their vision to life. Dedicated resources are provided in our online toolkit, comprehensive venue maps are displayed with accessibility front of mind, and an updated and enriched content is included across all pages, providing a more comprehensive understanding of our products and services.

“As we launch our new website, we embark on a digital journey that mirrors our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, it’s a testament to our dedication to delivering excellence in every aspect of our operations.” said General Manager of Venue Operations, Kendra Naidoo,

As PCEC commences the celebration of their 20th year as Perth’s premiere events venue, the new website is perfectly timed, and the team is proud to announce its launch. You can experience a moment of discovery at the new www.pcec.com.au for yourself now.

Credit: Kendra Naidoo, General Manager Venue Operations – Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

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