World Prayer Assembly 2023

Start: Tuesday, Oct 03, 2023 @ 09:00
End:  Friday, Oct 06, 2023 @ 22:00

Exhibition Pavilions
Register at WPA $220 Adult $60 Over 75 years $50 Students $20 Children

The World Prayer Assembly (WPA) is an extraordinary global gathering uniting believers from diverse backgrounds and nations in fervent prayer and worship. With the aim of seeking God’s will on earth as it is in Heaven, the WPA fosters unity, intercession, and transformation. In it’s historic 2023 event, the assembly gathers at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, transcending boundaries to create a powerful tapestry of faith. Attendees will participate in sessions from October 3rd to 6th, with breakout activities and engagement throughout the day. This assembly is a unique platform for believers to connect, pray, and celebrate their shared faith while embracing the cultural diversity that enriches the body of Christ. Through a commitment to fervent prayer, unity, and seeking God’s guidance, the WPA encourages attendees to play an active role in shaping a better world.

Program Detail:

Each day we will have two 3hour gatherings in pavilions 4&5 that will consist of prayer and worship throughout. We also have a 3hour kids program being held in pavilion 6 running at the same time as the morning gatherings. After the morning gatherings, we will have approximately a 2 hour break out session utilising the meeting rooms, and other various spaces outside of PCEC.


World Prayer Assembly 2023
Exhibition Pavilions
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Register at WPA $220 Adult $60 Over 75 years $50 Students $20 Children
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