BelleVue Ballrooms

Perth’s largest purpose-built venue for balls, gala dinners and cocktail function events.

A spacious foyer features floor-to-ceiling glass windows and an open-air balcony that provides a dramatic backdrop, with views of the Perth City and Swan River. In complemented by one of Australia’s largest permanently installed intelligent lighting systems. The Ballrooms contain operable walls that allow you to configure the space to suit your individual event requirements.

Located on level 3, the BelleVue Ballrooms are close to the BelleVue Lounge and directly above the Meeting Rooms. This provides easy access between the Ballroom, Meeting Rooms and the Riverside Theatre. Each Ballroom has its own foyer area, perfect to let your function spill out for pre-function drinks, event registration or a breakout area.

BelleVue Lounge

The BelleVue Lounge is an intimate function space featuring stunning views of Perth City and the Swan River. The lounge has the flexibility to be used for a variety of events to host your pre-event activities. Ideal VIP area, chill-out room, speaker and presenter’s lounge, organiser’s office, cocktail functions and small banquet events. Featuring floor-to-ceiling glass windows, the BelleVue Lounge offers a relaxing alternative for your next function.

Located on level three, the BelleVue Lounge is adjacent to the BelleVue Ballrooms.

Meeting Rooms

Our specialist Meeting Rooms are multi-functional spaces with modern, stylish facilities and fitted with the latest audio-visual and communication technology. Meeting Rooms 1, 2 and 3 have operable walls which provide multiple configuration options between the three spaces.

Located on level two, the Meeting Rooms are on the same level as the Riverside Theatre and close to the BelleVue Ballrooms. All meeting rooms are served by spacious foyers, perfect for breaks and working lunches.

  • Ceiling mounted projector
  • Motorised ceiling drop down screen
  • Ceiling mounted speakers
  • Flush ceiling mounted spotlights
  • Perimeter railing
  • Pre-programmed dimmable house lighting


Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre is Perth’s first choice of venue for premier retail and trade exhibitions. The six exhibition pavilions, situated across Level 1, are specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of events, from boat and motor shows to home and lifestyle shows, career expos and computer exhibitions. All pavilions feature column-free interiors, and the use of operable, acoustic walls means the six areas can easily combine to create one large space of over 16,000 square metres.

Each pavilion has dedicated loading dock access and foyer with access available to the level 1 Registration Desk

River View Rooms

Offering the ideal space to host small to medium sized events, the River View Rooms have the flexibility to accommodate conferences, seminars, exhibitions, banquets, cocktail functions and weddings. The rooms are separated by an operable, acoustic wall allowing double capacity to create a larger combined space. The River View Rooms offer floor-to-ceiling glazing, with electric blinds, and have an abundance of natural light and stunning views of Perth City and the Swan River.

Located on level two, the River View Rooms are near the Meetings Rooms and the Riverside Theatre. Both River View Rooms connect to spacious foyers, perfect for breaks and working lunches.

Riverside Theatre

Perth’s largest tiered theatre has been specifically designed to cater for a wide range of events including concerts, AGM’s, conferences, ceremonies, graduations, and cultural performance. Capable of accommodating 2,500 people, the Riverside Theatre has the flexibility to be used in full or half-configuration; providing space appropriate for events with 400 or more attendees. The Riverside Theatre offers the latest in lighting effects and communications infrastructure and features an operable wall connecting the theatre stage to Exhibition Pavilion 1 to create dramatic reveals. The Riverside Theatre is close to all the meeting rooms and level 2 Registration Desk. The theatre foyer features two bars and @Liberty Café & Bar provides the perfect atmosphere for pre and post-show drinks.

Offering unrivalled versatility, the facilities are state-of-the-art providing the

  • A dedicated foyer with views of the Swan River.
  • Permanently installed audio system
  • 3 high powered theatre projectors
  • 3 motorised ceiling drop down screens (1 x 6m centre screen & 2 x 4.5m side-screens)
  • Pre-programmed dimmable house lighting
  • Speaker lounge, green room, VIP room, plus 4 dressing rooms of varying sizes
  • Hardwired hearing augmentation throughout
  • 2 interpreter booths
  • Retractable writing tablets

Vocus Boardrooms & Suite

The Vocus Boardrooms and Suite offer a private setting for more intimate style meetings. These six rooms all include state-of-the-art technologies, ideal for presentations, video conferencing, or face to face meetings.

Located on Level 1 directly below the Riverside Theatre, the Vocus Boardrooms are located near organiser support rooms, including the Speakers Preparation Room.

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