Column free interior

Operable acoustic walls

Over 16,000 sqm of internal space

Private meeting/organiser office

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre is Perth’s first choice of venue for premier retail and trade exhibitions. The six exhibition pavilions, situated across Level 1, are specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of events, from boat and motor shows to home and lifestyle shows, career expos and computer exhibitions. All pavilions feature column-free interiors, and the use of operable, acoustic walls means the six areas can easily combine to create one large space of over 16,000 square metres.

Each pavilion has dedicated loading dock access and foyer with access available to the level 1 Registration Desk

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  • Pavilions 1, 2, 3

    130 3m x 3m booths
    2772m² total area

  • Pavilions 4&5 combined

    295 3m x 3m booths
    5544m² total area

  • Pavilion 6

    140 3m x 3m booths
    2784m² total area

  • Pavilions 1-6 combined

    800 3m x 3m booths
    16,644m² total area