Lauren Southern and Stefan Molynex Media Release

July 17, 2018

Media statement in relation to events at PCEC:

The Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre is a multi-use venue managed by Spotless to provide conference and exhibition space for a variety of local, national and international events.

PCEC is legally obligated to accommodate bookings of all varieties that fulfil our criteria based on conduct and safety; and does not represent, support, or endorse any views, comments or opinions
presented by any other company, group or individual who may choose to hire one of our spaces.

Our focus is to make sure patrons have access to a safe, welcoming and attractive venue for the events they choose to attend at PCEC.

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molynex have hired a space within PCEC for their speaking tour on July 22. Spotless is not a sponsor of this event and is in no way associated with the opinions or views these people represent, however, does support the value of freedom of speech.


Media Contact: Leanne Gough t: +61 409 869 154 e: